Trampoline and Tumbling


Are your children jumping on the furniture and need something more? Do you have a backyard trampoline and worry what your kids might try? Let Active help you out! Our trampoline classes promote basic trampoline safety through learning fundamental shapes and positions. In these classes your child will learn how to do controlled bounces and safety stops. Learn basic jumping positions and combinations then move onto more complex sequences of skills, including those that go forward, backward, turning and twisting in circles.


These classes are great for those who wish to learn any and every aspect of tumbling. Some of the specific tricks worked on are backflips, front-flips, as well as twisting, round-offs, back-handsprings, front-handsprings, and combination tumbling. In addition to basic tumbling, off-axis tumbling is introduced to assist with martial arts tumbling including tricks like Bee twists, Raises, corks, genars, websters, pop-flashes, and anything else the student may want to learn.

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