Hippity Hoppity 2020

Arrival Information: We will not be letting people in until 10 minutes prior to gym open time so please do not show up the facility 15+ minutes early. We will be clearing the whole gym in between sessions, saving seats will not be allowed. By arriving closer to the gym opens time it will allow us to clear the gym and people to leave making parking more accessible and you will not have to stand in line outside as long. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Spectator Fee:  Adult -$5.00 per session. Cash only Children 4 and under are free, competing athletes free admission to all sessions.

Concessions: Provided by and proceeds benefit Active Athletics parents club

Parking:  Please See Attached Parking Map
There is limited on site and street parking. Do not park in front of any other tenant with posted assigned parking, as your vehicle will be towed, regardless of time of day or day of the week! This also goes for parking in front of fire hydrants and no parking signs, Littleton Police will ticket violators. Active does have access to additional parking for the evening sessions and all day Saturday and Sunday. This lot is located at 8042 S Grant Way Sunlight Curriculum Building over 100 spaces available. If you park there during one of the day sessions your car will be towed. There is also additional parking located across the street in the Market at South Park Shopping Center. All offsite parking lots are less than a 5 minute walk to the gym.

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