Aerial Arts

Aerial Fabric

Aerial fabric classes welcome students of all ages! In this class, one can learn various techniques, skills, drops, and series and enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the aerial fabric.

In every class, students learn to master their fears associated with heights and learn how to better control their anxiety and movements. Confidence, body awareness and self-esteem are all gained while mastering the aerial fabric. Time off of the fabrics is planned with strength and flexibility. Our students learn how to artfully and skillfully connect their movements to gain fluidity.

Once students gain confidence and proficiency, many kids participate in our aerial showcases. These events not only help to improve stamina, but also to better one’s performance skills. Come do a trial class and learn what the wonderful world of Aerial Dance has to offer for you! 



Aerial Hoop is our newest addition to the gym! This apparatus is a stylish and is fun new way to express your athletic and daring side! The Aerial hoop (also known as a Lyra) is suspended above the ground and incorporates 360 degrees of spinning! In this class students will challenge themselves to learn various skills and maneuvers. All you need is an open mind and a desire to have fun!