Rocky Mountain Aerial Arts Festival 2017 Information Guide

Active Athletics welcomes all aerialist to the first annual Rocky Mountain Aerial Arts Festival. This Aerial Dance competition will be held in Littleton, Colorado on July 15-16, 2017. We welcome all levels and experiences to join us in a weekend full of learning and performance.

Aerial Dance is known to be a form of performance. To increase our athlete’s opportunities, we have created a competitive program. This gives our athletes additional chances to show off what they have learned and set high performance goals. It also gives aerialist a chance for professional feedback so that they can improve their performances. Our hope is to create a positive community of performers that work together to improve the sport that we love.


Schedule:June 2-Registration Application dueJuly 15-Registration fees due before competition starts-Warm ups for competitors

-Competition in the afternoon

-Award ceremony will occur after competition is completed

July 16th-Workshops


Completion of schedule will be determined after Registration deadline. It will include the time frame on competition day and of workshops.


Categories of Competition:

By Apparatus By Age By Level
Silks/ Tissue 5-13 Amateur
Single point Lyra/Hoop 14-17 Professional
Duo Act Adult


Competitors are allowed to compete in any of the Apparatus categories. The age group will be determined by the age of the competitor as of June 2nd. Categories are subject to change depending on the amount of competitors in each category. Those in the Professional category must have been compensated for their aerial work three times in the past year.



Registration is DUE JUNE 2, 2017 for all competitors. The registration application is at the end of this packet. If you are competing as a Duo Act, each member of the group must fill out their own application. The application includes personal information, category selection, bio, emergency contact info, payment inquiry and other information. There is also a liability waiver that must be completed before competitor can enter the gym. Any registration fees must be paid before competition starts. Completed applications can be submitted in two ways. One way is to submit your application by emailing it to (Subject Titled Aerial Competition). Your application can also be mailed to Active Athletics Aerial Competition, 8175 S Grant Way, Littleton CO, 80122.



The Registration Application is DUE JUNE 2, 2017. The fee is $75 for any apparatus category. Competitors are allowed to compete in both apparatus categories and/or in the duo category. It will be an additional 25$ for each additional category registration. This Payment is due by the morning of competition. If no payment is made, competitor will not be able to compete.  Payment can be made by check or cash to the address 8175 S Grant Way, Littleton, CO 80122. Write checks to Active Athletics. You can also pay by card at our location or by phone. Our phone number is 303.703.8199.



Competitors will be using Active Athletics’ equipment. No outside equipment will be used.

Silks/Tissue ●      Color is black●      Ceiling to floor length is 17.3 feet●      Length of fabric is about 26 feet from hardware to end of tail●      On a swivel
Hoop/Lyra ●      It is a single point hoop●      Hoop diameter is 3 feet●      Bottom of hoop to floor is 5 feet●      Spanset is about 6 feet long

●      Length of hardware to spanset is 0.6 feet

●      On a swivel

Floor/Stage ●      Rigging will be staged above a gymnastics floor●      The floors dimensions are 42 feet by 42 feet●      A 2 inch tall mat will be placed under each apparatus


Warm Ups:

Before competition begins, each competitor will have time to warm up. This will occur the morning of the competition. The time frame of warm ups will be determined after registration has closed. Warm ups will be ran like an open gym. We will schedule warm ups such that each competitor will have 10 minutes to warm up. Warm ups are not a time for competitors to run routines. The purpose is for competitors to get familiar with the equipment and warm up skills in their routines. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable and ready to compete. So we will ensure that everyone will get to warm up before competition begins.



Music for each competitor must be 1 to 5 minutes long. Please make sure music is appropriate and does not contain foul words. Please have a digital copy of your music ready the day of competition. Music is connected to the speaker through a mini headphone jack. Active staff will not be responsible for playing competitor’s music. We suggest a coach or a parent of the individual be in charge music. If you will be attending the competition by yourself, please say so in your registration application.


Judging and Awards:

As a part of competition, we will have a judging panel whose job is to evaluate competitors performance and routines. This panel will consist of 2-3 professionals who have experience and background in Aerial Dance. Judges have the final say on any results. Competitors are not allowed to converse with the judges until the competition has come to an end.

After the judges have finalized the results, awards will be awarded to the top three competitors.  There will be additional awards given to Best in Show and to Audience favorite. Awards consist of a medal and a trophy. All awards will be given to recipients during the award show. The award show will occur after competition and after the judges have come to their results.



As a part of bringing the aerial community together, we plan on providing workshops on Sunday, July 16th. We hope to have outside instructors teach these workshops. Depending on the number of interest in a specific workshop, we will either set a limit of students or add an additional coach. The workshops will be $25 for a 90 minute class. Times will be determined after seeing interests provided in the registration form.


Spectator admissions:

Ages 5-17 $5
Adult (ages 18-59) $10
Seniors (60 and older) $5


From all of us in the Active Athletics Aerial Program, we thank you for your interest in our first annual Rocky Mountain Aerial Arts Festival. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We hope see you in July!


Jocelyn Wetherington
Aerial Program Director
(303) 304-0385


Click here to download the registration packet