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PNO December 19

Remember no classes Saturday December 5, Active is hosting a boys meet. Be on the look out for lots of fun activities over the holidays, including parents night out and camps.

Active Athletics
8175 S Grant Way
Littleton CO 80122
Located behind Courtesy Ford & Mercedes of Littleton

“This is a great place for kids. The staff is friendly and the coaches are awesome!”

New Customer 1/3/2013

“First time we bought a deal to allow our daughter to try a sport…she’s hooked! Loves it and the facility and staff are great! ”

New Customer 6/17/13

“Finally a gymnastics class that actually teaches real gymnastics!!”

New Customer 7/24/12

“The daughters loved it!”

New Customer 5/11/12

Awesome gym and love the instructors.

New Customer 6/18/13

Wonderful gymnastics gym with teachers who teach the whole individual.

New Customer 11/6/2013

Love it! Tons of fun for my 6 year old, nice staff

New Customer 10/13/16

My 3 yr old loves it!

New Customer 9/18/13

“Great for boys’ gymnastics. Instructors are great.”

New Customer 10/16/13

“Staff was VERY helpful and amazingly polite!”

New Customer 2/14/14

“We love Active Athletics. Both my kids have been taking classes there for eight months. Great atmosphere and we were thrilled to try their summer camp. Kids had a great time, had time to practice some of their gymnastics skills, play with friends, work one on one with coaches, and they went on a little field trip too. We’ve only had positive experiences with Active. They are wonderful!”

New Customer 7/9/14

“They were extremely helpful! My two kiddos loved their class. In fact, my youngest started crying hen it was time to leave because he was having so much fun. We love it there!”

New Customer 7/9/14

“Fantastic staff, well trained and fit instructors, small class size – spoke with other parents who have children in their program for years and all are very pleased with the company. So glad I found them. Checked out other gymnastics classes around town and this has by far been the best I’ve experienced for my 9 year old daughter. Very impressed. ”

New Customer 7/7/14

“Wonderful experience. The kids loved it!”

New Customer 7/7/14

Contact Active Athletics 303.703.8199

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At Active we know Gymnastics, and our goal is to help your child learn to their highest potential.  Active Athletics the focus is not on winning, but achieving one’s personal best.  We believe that “Sports are for everybody”.  Active Athletics objective is to provide professional gymnastics instruction in a safe and friendly atmosphere.  At Active we believe our first and foremost responsibility is to the children we teach, placing major emphasis on the safety and happiness of the child’s experience will under our care, and supervision. Our small class sizes and personal dedication enables us to provide the best quality gymnastics instruction, and keep your child from becoming just another number.

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