Martial Arts Program Starting Saturday May 15

Karate For Kidz

This class is a combination of ninja drills and ninja training. Purely energetic and focused. Students
will get to opportunity to work with ninja stars, blow-guns with safety blunts, ninja swords and other ninja favorites. Ideal for ages 5-12 . Students will also learn about the history of Martial Arts and
discover how your body works to deliver a punch or kick.

Self Defense for Moms and Teens

This class is a combination of the best of the best martial arts styles. Students will get instruction in Tae-Kwon Do, Kenpo and Ninjutsu Defense Tactics. Body awareness and surroundings will be addressed and worked on. Perfect for a mother and daughter team, single moms and women who work in quiet areas.

Stretching Low Impact Fitness

Graceful Martial Arts Movements with an emphasis on Stretching and staying limber. Basic body strengthening and over-all a low impact wellness class.